How to potty train your puppy in 5 days!

Many dog owners today have such a hard time house training their puppies. Today’s home owners have heavy work weeks, and are unable to “properly” train their dog. Potty training issues can also spill over into mature dog years as well. I know it’s hard in the beginning when they are cute and cuddly, and it’s hard to say no to your puppy, but that is the most crucial time for potty training to begin. Dog owners should have lots of patience when training puppies. It is also important to research your dog breed. Some breeds are harder to train then others. There are specific techniques and devices to use with the training process.

This process can sometimes be frustrating and difficult, but it is VERY important not to take your anger out on the dog. Showing anger will lead to various psychological problems for your dog in the future. Training your puppy can take up to as little as 5 days. Puppies can start potty training as young as 3 months. This technique can work with dogs of any age. This might seem impossible in the beginning but with determination, lots of patience, and kindness, you will achieve this goal with flying colors.


  1. Use a crate with your training: the crate must be the exact size of the dog. It is only to be used for sleeping, and your dog should be able to stand up. Try to keep him in the crate most of the day. At first your puppy might get depressed or act different, this is normal and will subside. Most dogs love being in their crate with a toy to keep them occupied. After training the dog will be able to stay in the crate for longer periods of time when no one is home. Most pet stores sell crates. Pricing of different crates shown at bottom.
  1. The average puppy needs to urinate after every 40 mins. Keep your puppy on a leash, and take them for frequent walks. Praise him after each time he defecates, or even with a treat.
  2. Keep a watchful eye on your puppy. If your puppy urinates when your not watching, just clean it up, do not scold him.
  3. Signs dogs will show when having to relieve himself: Barking, agitated behavior, whimpering, and excessive chewing on objects other then their toys, also their rear end. Also very few dogs will show mild jumping in circles or even jogging in place. Every dog shows different signs, and it is important to observe any peculiar attitudes or actions to recognize when your dog has to go. Giving your puppy love and praise during this process is also important. Also having lots of patience will ensure the proper training.
  4. To eliminate the few accidents a puppy can have, also lay down some newspaper. It is very important to only use the newspaper when the puppy is very young and only for a short time until they are more comfortable going outside. Over time the dog will recognize the newspaper as a defecating spot in the house.
  5. Do not give your puppy food or water after 8 o’clock, even if he is hungry or thirsty. Puppies should be fed 3 times a day. The puppy should be put in his crate at night. If not the puppy will cry for every one of his needs and will take control away from you.


  • DO NOT HIT YOUR DOG: — the dog will show signs of biting, growling, and timid behavior, it is also important to watch your children during this process as well to avoid accidents.
  • DO NOT SHOVE HIS FACE IN THE POOP: — this will result in poor training results and also timid behavior
  • DO NOT LOSE PATIENCE OR GET FRUSTRATED: — training will seize to exist
  • DO NOT LET YOUR PUPPY BE YOUR BOSS: — YOU ARE THE BOSS HERE. When your puppy cries if he is antsy or wants to play at night. Don’t succumb to his every cry, wimper, or bark. During training he will learn to hold his urine longer every night. This will result in poor training habits, and the dog will NEVER be trained.

There are many other techniques being used today, but these are the quickest and most accurate. Train your puppy effectively and efficiently in just 5 days, and your puppy will grow to be a great and happy dog in the future.