MP3 Music Downloads – Your Guide to Creating Personal Packages

MP3 Music Downloads – Your Guide to Creating Personal Packages

The MP3 download has taken over the world of music. The number of legal music downloads worldwide increased by tenfold in 2004 to reach more than 200 millions. The MP3 format has been widely accepted by music lovers because it is so easy to download your favourite tunes straight onto your computer, and burn your own CD.

The MP3 downloads are very simple. There are many sites that offer MP3 downloads. Some are free, while others require a subscription. Search the Web to find your favorite. Browse the available songs, choose the ones you like, then click to download them to your computer. 

Why do people actually download music? Listening to NEW music, which isn’t available anywhere else or listening to old records that are no longer for sale. It’s not about saving $5 at the local record store, it’s more to listen to music that they can only find there. Let’s be honest, most people won’t spend $17.95 on a single track CD or one that they might not enjoy.

Internet downloads can harm anyone. There are very few exceptions, like Celine dion. Most artists benefit. Exposure is the primary means by which an artist can become famous and achieve success. Exposure is the key to a concert, CD, T-shirt, beer mug, or poster sales. Music downloads give newcomers a chance to succeed.

The Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, sheds crocodile-like tears about the file sharing programs that they say “rip off” recording artists. In reality, a musician earns an average of 41 cents per CD. Record shops make a few dollars per CD while greedy record labels accumulate shameful and astronomical profits mp3 download.

You should know that downloading music, while easy and legal as long as it is done in accordance with all copyright laws, can be a risk. Be sure that your MP3 downloads do not contain hidden software which can ruin the music experience and intrude on your privacy.

As an example, spyware can be found in almost all MP3 shareware and freeware. Spyware gathers data and tracks your computer activity without you knowing. The use of the Internet by unscrupulous users has led to thousands of innocent victims being victimized by identity theft and fraud.

Second, many MP3 networks also contain adware. Adware is a type of spyware sent directly to your PC. You will find that your computer is flooded with intrusive and unwanted ads.

Pornography is also prevalent in the MP3 network. Porn distribution sites disguise their software as “free” MP3s or games to divert your computer.

Be aware of the “spoofing” phenomenon. When download networks contain fake music, this is called “spoofing.” You might download a song that you believe is popular, only to get the same 10 seconds over and over.

Be selective when searching for free MP3 downloads and creating your own personal music library. is probably the most well-known site, but you can also find free MP3s on sites like and Glide Magazine.

There are many music subscription services that you can pay to access. The two best ones are EMusic and Apple iTunes Music Store. However, there are also hundreds of others. You can create your very own library by downloading and burning your favourite songs to CD. Sing along, download your favorite songs, and turn the volume up!

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